“To be the most Reliable Center of Professional Experts and the trusted Business Partner” providing optimum, reliable and feasible cost-effective engineering, technical solutions and services to “highly-demanding” Clients in the fields of Oil and Gas, Marine, Aerospace and Industrials.


“Making people happy by meeting or exceeding Clients’ expectation & satisfaction” with the best quality products and professional services from STAR GLOBAL is our ultimate priority.

CORE VALUES:              

Core Values of STAR GLOBAL JSC is represented by the abbreviation “TRUSTART” which offers the following meanings:

   - Our business foundation START from TRUST

   - To gain and maintain Customers’ TRUST is an ART which is taken care of by SGE orchestra.

   - Target to achieve and maintain as a TRUST STAR for Customers’ revisit and recommendation.


“Global solutions for local needs”


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  • Tháng : 800
  • Tổng : 184395

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