Effective planning is critically important to architects, construction engineers and contractors in any type of construction project. 3D documentation at every stage, from initial design to final inspection, helps avoid costly rework errors.

Architectural practices, construction engineering companies and building contractors have all adopted FARO’s 3D laser scanners for 3D modeling and as-built documentation. Their projects range from simple house construction to inner city renovation and new office construction. From low to high rise, FARO has the right portable 3D solution for you.

Status-quo survey

  • Applications

– Measurement /  topography analyze

– Project measurement

– Construction site  mapping

– Facility survey

– Work to be done volume and quantity calculation

– Compatibility/ suitability in planning check

  • Benefit

– Building ability evaluation, cost estimation, forcast incidents may ocurre shortly.

– Completed , quick obtained and high accurate measuring data actively supporting design  works. Point clouds are used to develop and construct 3D interior and exterior models, support  planning and options of project construction, upgrading , supplement as well as maintain and repair works.

Project design

  • Applications

– Create design models from survey data

– Copy and improve designs

– Supplement design

  • Benefits

– Design models reflect program’s actual state properly.

– Copy and improve designs

– Check the suitability and compatible of completive designs

Construction managemnt

  • Applications

– Design level examination ( each phase check)

– Additional alignment

– Deformation measurement

– Building surface analysis

– Evaluation of the project impact on surrounding projects

– Observation of inclination and settlement

– Following construction schedule ( work in progress report )

  • Benefits

– Clash, compatibly between old and new parts analysis are performed quickly, exactly

– Alignment test implemnt on computer before its actual imp execution, remarkable cost reducing within transportation, and installation thank to error elimination.

– Labour safety:  full and accurate remote data acquisition capability that ensusre users do not have to do dangerous works, also high data scanning speed  helps users leave the sence shortly , not to create  problems during operation process.

Acceptance, operation

  • Appications

– As built documentation

– Project digitalization

– Training silmulation

  • Benefits

– Once 3D point cloud formed,  data are ready for application, may measure directly, export to any popular CAD software, build three-dimension model, convert to BIM programs to generate 2D drawings, size drawings or completed 3D models (Solid 3D) …then  4D, 5D, 6D, 7D

Project management

  • Applications

– Maintenance, restoration…

– Asset management

– Facility management

  • Benefits

– Efficiency, quality improvement; information update and exchange between project relevant members.

– Saving of managing cost and related document cost

– Not limited for saving, managing and exchanging daily information of project

Building information model

  • Applications

– Scan to BIM

– Survey scan

– Modeling

– Add properties

+ Time (4D)

+ Cost (5D)

+ Energy (6D)

+ Building operation management  (7D)

  • Benefits

– Arranging and reorganizing activities relating to streamlined planning

– Easier management of complex projects with increasing requirements

– Improving communication and project advertisement

– Updating  project infomation directly and consistently

– High quality assurance based on process standardization

– Ensurinh project schedule and cost.

– Less risk and lower construction cost.

– Improving production level, ready fabrication from the factory

– Reuse information resources for current and future construction process.

– Optimizing  building energy consumption