Digital factory, The manufacture and repair of equipment and machinery, such as large military vehicles, earthmovers and other construction machinery, is ideally suited to the use of 3D Laser Scanners, portable CMMs which eliminate the need to transport machinery to a measuring location.

Instead, operators can take metrology equipment, such as the Faro FocusS laser the FARO® Laser Tracker, FaroArm, and ScanArm on-site and use them in varying temperatures and conditions to perform tool building, part inspection and alignment, 3D modeling and reverse engineering tasks. By applying 3D measurement solutions, accuracy and product quality significantly improve.

Status quo survey

  • Applications

As-built documentation

Suplement design, factory upgrade dossier.

Piping system, equipment modeling

Factory digitalization.

Factory insurance dossier.

Factory planning

  • Benefits

Fast and accurate measurements of up to mm accuracy are   usefull in planning construction, procurement of materials and minimizing changes and adjustments during implementation process.

The 3D model is fast and easy being made to accurately display every detail to best preserve asset.

Point clouds are used to develop and build inside and outside plant models, to support  planning and implementation of improvement, supplement, as well as   building maintenance and repair.

Plant, industrial zone model

  • Applications

Making website 360 for plant, industrial park.

Video showing plant, industrial park.

Designing miniature project model.

Industrial zone planning

  • Benefits

Introducing a plant scale and mode of operation to related parties without the need in direct comming to the scene.

Combining 3D printing technology to make miniature project model in accordance with its actual ratio.

Clash analysis and compatibility between new and old components are performed quickly and accurately.

Istallation of industrial machinery systems is carried out on a computer model before actual implementation help to reduce costs, time and errors.

Reverse engineering

  • Applications

Creating 3D CAD for a device.

Producing spare parts when their stock not available.

Combining with 3D printers to produce the right parts.

  • Benefits

Part producing and improving when design drawings of suitable spare part not available.

Once 3D point cloud  been formed, can modify  parameter  to be suite, build 3D model,convert to BIM programs for for generation of 2D drawings, 3D completed models (Solid 3D) … then   4D, 5D, 6D, 7D models.

Management, operation and maintenance

  • Applications

Checking, inspecting, testing, detecting of damage.

Test component installation in plant system.

Clash detecting during installation.

Maintenance, repair, supplement construction.

Asset Management

Simulation education, training

  • Benefit

Optimizing plant space.

Istallation of industrial machinery systems is carried out on a computer model before actual implementation to reduce costs, time,  errors.

Responding well to the need for remote management of companies with multiple factories in different locations ( can view, evaluate and manage operations more effectively from one place to factory different places).

Project digitalizing   enables consistent monitoring and management throughout the project life cycle.