Safety is a prime concern in any tunnel or mining application; in order to mitigate risks, a FARO® Laser Scanner can be used to identify and record any cracks and fissures, compare the data to previous scans, and identify areas of concern. Ongoing 3D documentation carried out by a 3D laser scanner can prevent serious issues such as a mine collapse, as it instantly detects any alterations in local rock strata, so that appropriate safety measures can be taken well in advance.

Additionally, by providing highly accurate 3D documentation for geological mapping and structural assessment, the FARO Laser Scanner helps to reduce unnecessary excavating while capturing critical geometric information such as volume and shape.

Mining area survey

  • Applications

Area determination, survey and mine development

Re-evaluation of mining volume

Mining management

Monitor  and report of mining progress

  • Benefits

Optimization of mining, mine utilization

Obtained data reflecting surrounding terrain outcome help to set construction plan of that site facilities and mining transport process .

Accurate, fast data collection show volume, area, and relevant issues  … what help to plan mining works.

Mine 3D modeling

  • Applications

Risk assessment

Planning exit layout

Respond action plan in emergency cases

  • Benefits

Labor  safety during  survey process

Accurate, fast  and safe survey and  inspection   under  mine