In petrochemical production, there is very little room for error. In the production of crude oil and natural gas, oil companies have seen the value in a comprehensive digital documentation of the associated process plant. With an accurate record of as-built conditions they can operate the plant safely and reliably.

FARO® offers the energy industry a range of 3D measurement technology solutions, such as the FaroArm, FARO Laser Tracker and FARO Laser Scanner. These not only document as-built conditions but enable operators to quickly and easily inspect, measure and align every part of a gas rig or oil refinery in order to meet the industry’s strict safety and quality standards.

Status quo survey

  • Applications

Piping system (damage, deformation)

Detail size check

Tank volume determination

Damage and deformation level evaluation

Project inspection and comparision with its original design in each construction phase.

  • Benefits

Quick assessment and check of project status quo other methods usually waste much time and manpower to perform.

Especially offshore exporation and exploitation works  always require very strict size check and monitor  throughout system design life cycle

Risk, incident caused by project deformation forcast.

Cost and time saving, accuracy and professionalism increase from fabrication to alignment step.

Time and checking cost saving.

3D model creation

  • Applications

Massive, complex structure test alignment

Clash check in upgrading, additional installation process

Reverse and improve engineering

Training simulation

  • Benefits

Time, cost saving, accuracy and professionalism increase from fabrication to alignment step.

In case of rig incident occurancy, laser 3D scanning technology is a safe and fast measure serving check, damage evaluation and proposal of solution mode.

Fast measurement, in detail modeling of piping system while other conventional methods hardly or could not to do so.

Obtained data are save to serve management and training works forever.

Management, operation and maintenance

  • Applications

Petroleum equipment (casing, well head…)

Maintenance and repair

Asset management

Simulation and optimization of offshore project operation works.

  • Benefits

Time and cost saving for check and assessment of damage in a number of places for one scanning time .

3D laser scanning technology is completely appropriate with  periodical check and geometric model evaluation of combination parts for short time and high accuracy