Using custom built robotic operating systems and sensors, 3D laser scanning can scan the inside of a building to get complete room by room 3D scans. From the scan, the dimensions and details of each room are available. Being able to complete indoor scans allows for as built drawings to be generated and progress on projects can be tracked remotely. Agents can have customers perform full tours or keep up on construction progress without the hassle of travel.

It does not stop there for real estate. Agents can stage a room with virtual furniture. Custom pieces can be scanned in system allowing for a full staging of a house or apartment that can be customized for each client. Wall colors and art on the walls can be changed to the customer or agents liking.

Project advertisement

  • Applications

Digitizing model house (Apartment, Mini house, Villa…)

360 website construction support

Project introduction video

Project virtual reality

  • Benefits

Digitizing 360 for real estate project, facilitating tour,  project size evaluation  whenever and whereever.

Helping customers to choice a suitable apartment

Project modeling

  • Applications

Model house collection

Project overview miniature model

  • Benefits

Project 3D modeling for project and securing size (measurable) accuracy.

Any spatial detail may represented. All thing color, material being scanned exactly to help users getting a most real space when they may move as desire into space on computer or moble device without no picture frame limitation.