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Welcome to STAR GLOBAL EXPERT SOLUTIONS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (StarGlobal 3D) and thank you for your interest in our company profile. It’s a great honor for us to be connected with you through this communication channel.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place very strongly and technology is contributing to an incredible increase in productivity and efficiency. 3D Laser Scanning technology is a typical example with the fact that data collection speed of 3D Scanners can be up to millions of points per second, allowing people to digitally capture and reconstruct a “Digital Twin” at 1:1 ratio of any existing object or facility in a much faster and more accurate manner than traditional measurement and data collection methods. This 3D Laser Scanning technology is being applied widely in many countries around the world, including those in ASEAN region.

In addition to deploying applications and providing 3D scanning services with solutions such as 3D Visualization, 3D Survey, 3D Inspection, 3D Management, 3D Reverse Engineering, 3D Modeling (Scan-To-BIM / Scan-to-CAD)… in various fields such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Industrials, Oil and Gas, Public Safety, Heritage Preservation, Tourism…, StarGlobal 3D has also significantly invested in R&D to build our own “patent-pending” virtual platform called “3D/360 SMART MANAGEMENT INTEGRATED MAPPING SYSTEM”. This solution is a combination of 360 panoramic images and 3D point clouds with respective coordinates (x, y, z) covering the entire surface of the surrounding space which allows accurate measurement of any objects in the scanned environment, and the ability to integrate databases and multimedia information in various forms such as text, images, audio, video, drawings, 3D models into the digitized space. Therefore, it facilitates to visually display the entire current states of existing objects and facilities with accurate dimensions, true colors and full of attribute information which are accessed very easily and conveniently through on-screen interaction of smart mobile devices.

Especially, this 3D/360 intelligent interactive platform also allows users to connect real-time data from IoT sensors such as lighting systems, environmental parameters, machinery status, systems signals, CCTV and IP camera…etc and display these real-time data into the 3D digital environment in order to create a comprehensive 3D/360 intelligent interaction platform. This enables storing, promoting, monitoring, controlling and managing smart systems as simple, easy and efficient as ever. StarGlobal 3D has been certified by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City to be a Science and Technology Enterprise and has been granted multiple copyright certificates by the Copyright Department within Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with creative software solutions for smart management such as Smart Tourism 3D/360, Smart Heritage 3D/360, Smart Museum 3D/360, Smart Factory 3D/360, Smart Industrial Zone 3D/360, Smart Facilities 3D/360, and Smart Farm 3D/360…

StarGlobal’s mission is to become the leading developer of 3D digital solutions and the reliable business partner to offer the best values to customers through innovative, differentiation and guaranteed efficiency; as well as to build a creative environment for people who love 3D digital transformation technologies to join StarGlobal team to pursue ours passion and develop the infinite creativity of Vietnamese human intelligence.

We wish you all the best and look forward to receiving more enquiries from Customers and Partners about the solutions, products and services of StarGlobal 3D. Thank you very much, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Best regards,
Tran Duy Hao – Founder & CEO

Tran Duy Hao

Founder & CEO