Providing timely technical support services is StarGlobal 3D top priority for Customers and Partners. We understand that it is important to make it easy for you to access support solutions whenever you need them, so the Online Support Center is available and provides the necessary information to ensure you can. Get assistance with any issues related to equipment and 3D scanning products & services provided by StarGlobal 3D. Here, you can view and create support requests, find solutions to common issues, check training schedules, and access technical support documents and other resources.


Find answers to common technical support questions related to 3D Digitization solutions and specific applications in each field that StarGlobal 3D has implemented in practice.


Access resources such as specifications, manuals, applicable standards, video tutorials etc.


StarGlobal 3D offers training courses and workshops to show you the applications of 3D Laser Scanning technology that are used to make a difference, save costs and deliver superior results compared to other methods. traditional.