Your 3D scanner device is an accurate measurement tool. Send it to the factory for a routine calibration that enhances the device’s performance and accuracy. To make sending your device easy and convenient, StarGlobal 3D offers several types of maintenance warranties as shown below. Here we provide details of optional service packages. All service packages can be calculated by month or by year.

NOTE : Improper use, wear and damage are not covered by any warranty package. Please refer to the End-user License Agreement, Service Policy section of StarGlobal 3D for details.

PACKAGE CONTENT Default Standard High level Especially
Technical support & Self-help guide library
Spare parts & Labor done
Response Time of Service Completion
Delivery from StarGlobal 3D to Customer *
Annual calibration **
Transport to and from StarGlobal 3D service center *
Lend replacement equipment during the repair process
Lend replacement equipment during  Repair & Calibration      

Notes :

* Shipping charges do not include brokerage fees, options, taxes and VAT

** For warranty packages including calibration, calibration only works during the warranty period