Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) before accessing and using this Website of STAR GLOBAL Expert Solution Joint Stock Company (“Website” for short) ). If you want to access the Website, you must accept all content of the Terms and Conditions without exception. Whenever you access the Website, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any of the contents of these Terms and Conditions, please do not access and use the Website.

STAR GLOBAL Solution Joint Stock Company (“STAR GLOBAL JSC”) is the sole entity with the right to change, modify, add or delete the Terms and Conditions at any time by updating the content. content of the Website, and may or may not inform you of such changes. Therefore, whenever accessing this Website, you should check the Terms and Conditions of use periodically and carefully. When you use the Website after editing the content, it will be considered that you acknowledge and agree with the modified content.

This website may link to other websites operated by STAR GLOBAL JSC or STAR GLOBAL JSC as members (collectively, the “STAR GLOBAL website”). In addition to these Terms and Conditions, when accessing the STAR GLOBAL websites, you must follow the separate terms and conditions of those STAR GLOBAL websites. In the event that any terms and conditions, or notices contained in these Terms and Conditions conflict with the STAR GLOBAL website terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the STAR GLOBAL website will be prioritized for application and adjustment for that STAR GLOBAL website.

1. Limiting the use of resources on the Website

All content and resources on this Website are protected by intellectual property laws, copyright laws, other relevant laws and international treaties. Except for personal or non-commercial internal use, you may not use any other form (including but not limited to copying, modifying, reproducing, copying) in part or in part, or the downloading, transmitting, distributing, registering, selling, publishing) of any Website resources without the prior consent of STAR GLOBAL JSC.

All software available on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”) is copyrighted by the software owner and is protected by intellectual property laws, copyright laws, and relevant legal provisions. other agencies, and international treaties. Use of this Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the user license agreement between the owner of the Software and the user.

The trademark “STAR GLOBAL JSC” and its sub-brands, as well as the names of products, services and logos of STAR GLOBAL JSC are used, cited and referenced on the Website are trademarks that have been or will be posted. signed by STAR GLOBAL JSC, or its affiliated affiliates STAR GLOBAL JSC. Other product or company names used in the Website are owned by their respective owners.

Nothing on the STAR GLOBAL JSC Website shall be construed as giving, giving or transferring in any form, either publicly or implicitly, to the right to register or to use any commercial trademarks on the Website. without the prior permission of STAR GLOBAL JSC or a third party owning their respective trademarks.

2. Prohibited acts when using the Website

When accessing and using the Website, you are prohibited from performing the following acts:

1. Violation of legal rights (Including ownership of personal information and disclosure of information)

2. Causing any damage or disadvantage to others.

3. Causing public disorder.

4. Crime acts.

5. Upload or distribute any personal information of any third party without the consent of that third party.

6. Using this Website for illegal purposes.

7. Defaming, humiliating, defaming others.

8. Upload files containing viruses, corrupted files which may cause damage to the operation of other computers.

9. Acts which STAR GLOBAL JSC and its subsidiaries consider inappropriate.

10. Other acts that violate the law or are prohibited.

3. Propose and provide ideas

STAR GLOBAL JSC, its affiliated companies and STAR GLOBAL’s partners have a policy of not accepting any third party from any offer of products and / or services, including but not limited to all. Ideas for innovating and manufacturing new products, technologies, designs, processes, software, promotions, advertising and marketing plans to prevent any confusion that may occur between ideas provided by third parties and ideas of STAR GLOBAL JSC. Therefore, you should not submit any information that contains your ideas, technical drawings, inventions, innovations, suggestions or other related works (collectively, “Ideas”).

Unless submitted by STAR GLOBAL JSC, if you submit ideas to us yourself, those ideas will be treated as if you agreed to the following terms.

1. STAR GLOBAL JSC has no obligation to treat the Idea as confidential information;

2. STAR GLOBAL JSC has no obligation to research, evaluate or apply the Idea;

3. If STAR GLOBAL JSC adopts and applies the Idea that is similar or similar to part or all of the Idea submitted by you, STAR GLOBAL JSC will have exclusive rights to any intellectual property rights related to Italy. Therefore, you must accept taking necessary steps or requirements of STAR GLOBAL JSC to grant intellectual property rights to STAR GLOBAL JSC. STAR GLOBAL JSC will not be liable to you or any third party for compensation related to intellectual property rights.

4. Refusal of warranties

You use the Website at your own risk. This Website (including all content and functions available or accessible via the Website) is provided “as is”. To the extent permitted by law, STAR GLOBAL JSC makes no representations or warranties regarding the following (1) in terms of accuracy, saleability, fitness for a particular purpose. or non-infringement of any content published or made available on this Website, (2) the server of this Website does not contain viruses or other components that may infect, harm, or damage the computer you or other properties when you access the Website through a browser, download, or use other utilities on the Website.

STAR GLOBAL JSC may change and modify the content of the Website or may postpone or stop providing services through the Website at any time without notice. STAR GLOBAL JSC and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage to you during your visit to the Website, or your inability to access the Website.

5. Availability of products and services

The products and services on this Website may not be available for purchase in your area or locality. Reference to the products or services on the Website does not imply or warrant that these products and services are available at any time in the area you are working in. You should check with STAR GLOBAL JSC authorized representatives to check the availability of specific products and services in your area of ​​work.

6. The linked websites are contained in the Website

This website contains links to other websites (“Linked Sites”). Access to linked sites is completely risky and dangerous. Linked sites are not under the control of STAR GLOBAL JSC and STAR GLOBAL JSC is not responsible for the content of linked sites, including but not limited to any other links contained in an linked site. , or changes, updates to the linked page. STAR GLOBAL JSC only provides links to linked sites for your convenience, and STAR GLOBAL JSC providing links to those sites does not constitute a STAR GLOBAL JSC guarantee of such website or incorporation. cooperating with the operator of that website. You are responsible for accessing and abiding by the restrictions, conditions, Information security terms and other legal notices are set out in the linked sites. STAR GLOBAL JSC disclaims all express or implied warranties regarding the accuracy, validity, legality or other factors of the resources or information contained on such linked sites.

7. Documents and software available on the Website

From time to time, STAR GLOBAL JSC provides you with documents related to the user manual and product specifications on the Website (“Documentation”). You may use this Document for non-commercial or personal purposes and for the purpose that the related product or service is intended for. This document published on the Website may contain typographical errors. Periodically changing information will also be added, STAR GLOBAL JSC maintains only the most updated versions of these documents on the Website. When STAR GLOBAL JSC provides products and services that are different from the posted specifications, this means that products and services may also have separate documents with possible differences. have.

By providing information on the Website, some content on this Website will be available for you to download (“Downloadable Content”). STAR GLOBAL JSC grants you a non-exclusive, limited, non-exchangeable, free-of-charge right to download Content that may be downloaded to your computer, for your own personal use. and non-commercial. You do not have the right to sublicense, distribute, modify, alter, create derivative works, decode, reverse engineer (to get the source code) data without the prior consent of STAR GLOBAL JSC.

STAR GLOBAL JSC does not represent the compatibility of the information contained in materials published on the Website for any purpose. All such materials are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind. STAR GLOBAL JSC disclaims all material or implied warranties, including all warranties and conditions of merchantability, statutory conformance, fitness for a Specific purposes, whether copyrighted or not infringing the law. In no event shall STAR GLOBAL JSC be liable for any damages, including special, indirect, consequential, or consequential damages resulting from inability to use, loss of data, loss of benefits, whether due to contractual action, negligent action or other misconduct,

8. Information transmission risks

STAR GLOBAL JSC does not guarantee that any e-mail sent from this Website will be received by you, or STAR GLOBAL JSC will be accepted if the email is sent by you. STAR GLOBAL JSC also does not guarantee the privacy and / or confidentiality of e-mails information during data transmission on the internet.

9. Login Information

If STAR GLOBAL JSC provides you with login information for users (“Login Information”) so that you can access or use the Website or a specific part of this Website, you should not disclose Information. Log in to let others know. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your Login Information is not disclosed to others. You are also solely responsible for activities that use the Login Information, including all authorized or unauthorized, legal or illegal activities that use the Login Information. Your input. STAR GLOBAL JSC reserves the right to comply with the requests received through your Login Information. STAR GLOBAL JSC cannot and will not be responsible for changes to your Login Information caused by someone else using your Login Information to log in the Website, and for any damage or loss. Others arise due to your failure to fully protect your Login Information. Therefore, for security purposes, you should only remember (but not write down) your Login Information.

10. Privacy Policy Personal Information

(i) How to collect personal information

When you access this Website, the Website will automatically save the IP address along with your domain name. Information will also be automatically collected via Cookies – these are the small size files sent by the Website and stored on your computer. The next time you visit the Website, your browser will read the cookie file and automatically send the information back to the Website. The use of cookies is used to identify former users and allows us to observe user behavior to upgrade the Website, unless you enable cookie blocking function on your browser. However, blocking cookies will not allow us to provide you with some of the utilities and services you require.

Personal information may also be provided to us by us in the following cases:

• You send us an e-mail;

• You fill out the registration form or feedback form, or request assistance form;

• When you answer surveys or surveys;

• When you register to become a member of our online community, or to participate in contests or promotions of STAR GLOBAL JSC;

• Or you are required to provide other forms in the course of using the Website.

(ii) Purpose of information collection and scope of information use

Information collected will help us: (1) Support you when buying products or using services of STAR GLOBAL JSC; (2) Provide you with information about the latest software versions & updates on our Website; (3) Review and upgrade the content and interface of the Website, including performing statistical analysis of the behavior and characteristics of Website users to measure their preferences and use other sections. on the Website to improve the website and products (4) Carry out surveys as needed, (5) Carry out promotional activities related to STAR GLOBAL JSC’s products and services by sending promotional information. marketing, marketing or information about the communications program of STAR GLOBAL JSC to you.

In order to fulfill the purposes stated above, our company will consider sharing your information with members of STAR GLOBAL JSC or with STAR GLOBAL JSC’s partners in any country. Which in the world. Information may also be shared with other third parties if we believe that they will help us fulfill the goals set out above, or make backup data for backup. In addition, at any time, the law may require us to disclose your personal information to competent authorities and we will have to disclose or process the personal information data. Your personal compliance with the law.

In all cases, we will try to make sure the recipient cannot take advantage of the information for purposes other than the goals we have set. We also guarantee they will protect the information from unauthorized use. We are committed not to rent or sell your information to any party for profit (unless it relates to the need to sell our entire property or our own business).

When you use this Website or submit your personal information to us, you are deemed to have agreed to the manner and scope of use of the information we have stated above. We promise that the information you have provided to us will be used to the maximum benefit to you. STAR GLOBAL JSC will also endeavor to ensure that your information is kept confidential. However, despite the security technology and the system is also equipped with a lot of security features, but not any data transmitted over the internet that can be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot make a firm commitment that the information you provide to us will be absolutely confidential, and we cannot be held liable in the event of unauthorized access. Your personal message.

Update and Change of Information: You may notify us to request to update, supplement, correct or delete any information that you have previously provided to us by sending an e-mail. For us or send a request via the feedback form on the Website. We will make every effort to update, supplement, correct or delete your requested information on our database system. Please note that it may not be possible to completely erase your information without leaving a trace as there are backup copies and back-up deletion actions.

We also reserve the right to amend, change, or update this collection and use policy at any time with or without notice to you. Therefore, whenever accessing this Website, you should carefully check the Terms and Conditions of use. If you do not agree to the terms described above, we recommend that you do not send us information, do not use the Website and activate the security blocking function on your browser.

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