Terrestrial Laser Scanner

The S350 / S150 / S70 / M70 series scanners are used to digitize buildings, heritage, and large objects.

Hand-held Scanner

Scan Plan: is a handheld scanner used to build 2D floor plan drawings for works, recording the status quo with the 360 imaging feature.

The handheld scanner is designed compactly to survey works quickly and effectively

Wearable mobile scanner

Wearable mobile scanner

A lightweight scanner that is carried with you throughout your travel to collect data. This is a suitable and powerful solution for digitizing and restoring complex heritage buildings.

Mobile mapping scanner

The latest generation mobile mapping scanner includes 3 Faro Focus devices to collect data in large and complex spaces with scanning coverage covering all directions. The new device is completely mobile, self-adjusting and adaptable to all vehicles. The light and firm installation of the entire camera, laser scanner and inertial navigation system ensures calibration for all devices and thus geotarget all collected data.

Aerial Laser Scanner

A combination of the world’s most trusted scanner Faro and the pioneer of UMB STORMBEE® technology to provide a  3D laser scanning application from above with highly cost-effective, fast data collection on big volume. This integrated solution combines the best FARO Focus laser scanner, UAV STORMBEE S series, and BEEFLEX software suite.