SCENE software is specifically designed for all Focus and third-party laser scanners. Process and manage scan data efficiently and easily by using real time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration, and positioning. Generate high-quality data in full color quickly and conveniently by incorporating images from automated targetless and target-based scan positioning. Users can begin the evaluation and processing immediately by performing simple measurements, creating stunning 3D visualizations or exporting to various point cloud and CAD formats once SCENE has prepared the scan data. In addition SCENE features an impressive Virtual Reality View, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment..


SCENE WebShare Cloud is cloud-based hosting solution from FARO® for easy and secure sharing of scan data worldwide via the Internet. With SCENE WebShare Cloud, FARO offers a comprehensive service to provide users with simple access to 3D documentation. Neither technical training nor specialist skills in 3D laser scanning are necessary to work with the intuitive user interface. Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often has to be available to many different project partners. Previously, users having their own internet server, could use SCENE WebShare to present their laser scan projects to clients an project partners. Now FARO goes considerably further, offering the SCENE WebShare Cloud solution, a hosting service with various packages at different prices.


The software automatically converts images captured by drones, aircraft to create highly accurate, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. The PIX4D MAPPER output format is easily customized to suit different applications and software.


The software handles high-density point clouds easily to create 2D plans/sections, detailed 3D models. PointCab software is compatible with all existing CAD systems and is therefore used in many fields such as architecture, construction industry, surveying, civil engineering, relic protection, and property management…


JRC Reconstructor® is a well-known multi-platform and multi-resolution software for point cloud data management. The perfect software to combine 3D laser scanning data comes from the ground laser, mobile, and aerial 3D scanners, with UAV and 3D image data. LineUp® technology enables the most precise point-to-point cloud data pairing process and makes georeferencing easy. Besides, for specific tasks, you can add dedicated command groups to manage 3D modeling workflows, receive topographic analysis, and exploit or process 3D data coming from the system. HERON® indoor mobile maps.



BuildIT Construction is a construction verification software solution that enables AEC professionals to facilitate and accelerate prefabricated part positioning and monitoring, validation to BIM and project evaluation with high accuracy by using 3D analysis in adherence to design and structural specifications.  Utilizing BuildIT Construction allows users to drastically reduce costs and detect errors early on to avoid expensive rework. BuildIT Construction addresses all quality assurance and quality control processes throughout the building and facility lifecycle.


FARO As-Built for Autodesk Revit provides a fast and intuitive workflow for 3D laser processing data directly into Autodesk Revit using Revit objects and BIM models. It is the perfect complement for Revit users to work with the big point cloud and integrate seamlessly with the Revit user interface. Besides, As-Built for Revit software has many automatic object recognition tools from point cloud data that help Revit users rebuild 3D objects easily, quickly and accurately.


FARO for AutoCAD® software provides all the functions that AEC experts need to evaluate 3D laser scanner data directly in AutoCAD® with the highest accuracy. This software extends the AutoCAD® tool for point cloud modeling and analysis. The high degree of automation creates 2D planes and 3D models easily, quickly and with high accuracy. Besides, the As-Built for Auto-CAD® software suite is equipped with a variety of tools to accurately identify objects from point cloud data to help users shorten the re-modeling time, process, object.


FARO VirtuSurv is a standalone software platform that makes laser scan evaluation extremely easy. Take accurate measurements from photo-like scan views within seconds and send them to various target programs. VirtuSurv is FARO’s software for working with highly visual laser scan data. VirtuSurv’s photo-like 2,5D panoramic view is much clearer and easier to use than the usual representation of scan data.

The program supports the import, export and display of numerous structured scan data formats and has interfaces for Windows based programs as well as various CAD and BIM packages. This flexible platform makes the use of laser scans extremely easy. Take accurate measurements within seconds.


FARO Zone 3D is an ideal solution for professionals in law enforcement, forensic investigation, the fire service, security, insurance, and fire protection engineering. Now, everyone can produce stunning visuals with precise 2D and 3D diagrams, accurate analysis, and compelling animations and videos.