STAR GLOBAL EXPERT SOLUTIONS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SGES) specializes in providing digital services and solutions using 3D Laser Scanning in Survey, Architecture, Construction, Transport, Industry. , Oil and Gas, Maritime, Conservation, Tourism … for Customers and partners in Vietnam as well as in the region and around the world.

StarGlobal 3D provides a comprehensive 3D scanning service from data collection with 3D scanners at the site, raw data processing, secondary data export, final product creation and acceptance and delivery. in accordance with the Customer’s request. In addition, we also provide consultancy and training to transfer 3D Laser Scanning technology to customers and partners for the need to use 3D scanners on a regular basis to bring practical benefits by cutting down. cost and improve efficiency in production and business activities of the business.

In order to supplement resources to realize dreams and development strategies in a sustainable and fast manner, StarGlobal 3D is always open to Investors with abundant financial resources and a love of technology, especially especially 3D digitization technology integrated Internet connecting everything (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build an ecosystem of “Smart management system using 3D / 360 digitized map”. This “3D / 360 SMART MANAGEMENT INTEGRATED MAPPING SYSTEM” solution has been exclusively patented by StarGlobal 3D with the National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam and USA (Patent pending).

Interested investors please contact Mr. Tran Duy Hao – Founder & CEO of StarGlobal 3D at email: or phone number: (+84) 979 883 681 . Thank you very much!