Our reverse engineering 3D engineering services include geometry analysis that is accurate to millimeters of large-scale and long-range elements and objects. Crossing the boundaries between the virtual world and the physical environment, in simulation space, we create accurate 3D CAD models and reconstruct 2D technical documents of entire factories, constructions and projects…


Usually oil and gas works, marine works … the assembly takes place offshore so the parameters must be determined exactly with the development of 3D laser scanning techniques and parts. Soft handling, the identification of coupling points, as well as assembly of simulation modules after fabrication is done in an easy-to-save time and effort. Improve work efficiency and save operating costs.


One of the preeminent features of reverse design is the reconstruction of an existing product without the need for a drawing, document or computer model. In addition, it also serves for the process of product quality control, comparison, comparison… The reverse design is the exact opposite of the normal product creation process, opening a breakthrough in design and re-design. create and check the quality of objects.


3D modeling techniques from 3D scanning data are the most effective way to create CAD models from a physical object of any kind of complex or simple shape. Scan data is used to redesign a model that represents the shape of the object or to match the original design features.