3D modeling is part of our StarGlobal 3D Scan 3D service, we provide advanced 3D modeling, using the latest 3D CAD software, including AutoCAD; Revit; SolidWorks; CATIA and other popular 3D CAD programs.

The 3D CAD model allows us to create drawings using solid objects, surfaces and grids. Each has a different function. For example, a mesh object allows us to take advantage of creases and smoothing, while a surface model will allow us to take advantage of NURBS combination and modeling. We can also convert one type of model to another.

A typical modeling process would use mesh, solids and procedural surfaces, then convert them to NURBS surfaces. This allows us to use not only the unique tools and original shapes provided by solids and meshes, but also the modeling capabilities provided by surfaces – combined models and NURBS model. Here, the way each type of model is different: Solid modeling A solid model represents a 3D object. As such, it has properties such as mass, center of gravity and moment of inertia.

  • 3D solid models : can be made from primitive solid objects such as cones, boxes, cylinders and pyramids or by using 2D solid objects.
  • A 3D surface model : is a thin crust with no mass or mass. We create 3D surface models using some of the same tools you use for solid models: sweeping, loft, extrusion and rotation. You can also create surfaces by blending, patching, offset, filleting and extending other surfaces.
  • 3D mesh model: A mesh model consists of vertices, edges and faces that use polygon representations (including triangles and quadrangles) to define 3D shapes. Unlike solid models, the grid has no mass properties.

However, as with 3D solids, we can create primitive shapes such as boxes, cones, and pyramids. These mesh models can be modified in ways not available for solids or 3D surfaces. For example, we can apply folds, separations and increase the level of smoothness. Or, we can drag mesh objects (faces, edges and vertices) to shape the object. To achieve more detailed results, we refine the mesh in specific areas before modifying it. We use grid models to provide the ability to hide, shadow and display of a solid model without the physical properties such as mass, inertia moment, etc.




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