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History and Technological Development

3D Laser scanning technology using 3D scanners combine sources of laser and digital cameras to collect data including 3D coordinates and shape, the color surface of real-world objects with very high precision, fidelity color and extremely fast. The data obtained can be used to build a 3D model at 1: 1 ratio for the object. 3D scanners can be based on many different technologies with the limitations and particular advantages. Precision measurement technology company FARO Technologies Inc (USA) has been voted the most trusted branch scanners all over the world in 2017. After 15 years of establishment, FARO has developed and upgraded many 3D scanners line with increasing improve accuracy, speed and radius data acquisition, diversification potential applications in many fields.


93% customers in field of public security and forensic recognized that the qualified records and evidence in court are improved by using FARO scanner

88% organizations, agencies and companies… through survey agree on reducing the measurement time and expertise from 25% to 60% since the implementation by FARO solutions

72% designers confirmed: 3D Laser scanning of FARO has allowed them to improve the overall quality of the product and help bring products to market quickly

83% AEC organizations surveyed to conclude using 3D FARO Technology to reduce the minimum of 25% of the time required to set up the status profile

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