STAR GLOBAL EXPERT SOLUTIONS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SGES) specializes in providing digital services and solutions using 3D Laser Scanning in Survey, Architecture, Construction, Transport, Industry. , Oil and Gas, Maritime, Conservation, Tourism … for Customers and partners in Vietnam as well as in the region and around the world.

StarGlobal 3D provides a comprehensive 3D scanning service from data collection with 3D scanners at the site, raw data processing, secondary data export, final product creation and acceptance and delivery. in accordance with the Customer’s request. In addition, we also provide consultancy and training to transfer 3D Laser Scanning technology to customers and partners for the need to use 3D scanners on a regular basis to bring practical benefits by cutting down. cost and improve efficiency in production and business activities of the business.

To meet the needs of additional human resources for the immediate projects, as well as to meet the sustainable development strategy of StarGlobal 3D, the Company is currently seeking candidates who are passionate and interested in working with the job. 3D engineering design and intelligent interactive application development programming based on 3D / 360 technology, working in Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park. Ho Chi Minh City for the following positions:

Application Engineer

  • Knowledge and ability to present fluently about products / solutions to customers.
  • Implementing the product creation process.
  • Develop new processes or research to improve existing processes.
  • Combine with sales to implement demo / presentation for customers.
  • Manage and guide illustrators in implementing 2D / 3D drawings.

Architectural Painter

  • Redraw available Scan drawings into 2D or 3D CAD drawings.
  • Use File Scan 3D (Point Cloud) and 3D program to redraw the status of the building
  • Candidates need to use proficiency in CAD graphics program, know Autodesk Revit is an advantage.

Texture Painter

  • Deploy architectural drawings, reinforced concrete structures with BIM 3D model according to European standards.
  • Inspection of drawings has been carried out according to the company’s drawing quality control process.
  • Report, ensure project progress and some other work as assigned by the team leader.

App / Web Developer Programmer

  • Software development programming on Web & App platform.
  • Develop 3D / 360 intelligent interaction system integrated with IoT & AI for intelligent management.

Sales & marketing specialist

  • Contacting customers, presenting solutions.
  • Application advice, benefit analysis.
  • Make an appointment with the Customer and arrange with the Technical Department for a real demo.
  • Prepare quotes, closing sales, closing deals.

Business development collaborators

  • Connect with Leads.
  • Promote communication and market education.
  • Close sales, bring the contract to the company and share the profits, win-win together.

Attractive remuneration

  • Attractive remuneration from the StarGlobal 3D talent remuneration policy is waiting for all candidates to join our team:


  • The salary system at SGES is built in a methodical manner, to ensure that each employee will receive a salary that is appropriate to their position, competency level, performance, as well as the quality of their work. In addition, SGES always ensures the salary will be commensurate with the level of dedication of each member of the company, as well as the spirit and attitude to perform the tasks assigned.


In addition to the salary policy, SGES also applies incentive policies to encourage employees to make their best efforts and dedication in every position to build SGES growing stronger.

  • Bonuses for completing projects ahead of time
  • Unexpected bonus regime for collectives and individuals with excellent achievements, innovations, scientific research, technological innovation, certification, helps reduce costs for the company.
  • Bonuses are based on business results of the company monthly, quarterly and annually.

Welfare and remuneration

At SGES, we always ensure the benefits that employees will receive under the law, plus the good welfare policies from the company as follows:

  • Joining the young staff of the company, you can freely learn, develop all your abilities, and express yourself freely.
  • Insurance regime: All employees who sign official labor contracts are entitled to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes.
  • SGES always ensures all employees are entitled to leave, sick leave, personal leave, public holidays …
  • The company always organizes annual vacation for employees and family members to participate in Team Building activities to enhance the interaction effectiveness among its members.
  • Considered salary increases periodically, and promoted according to actual capacity,
  • For candidates who have just graduated or have no working experience, SGES will receive maximum training and support, and create opportunities for them to have access to 3D Laser Scanning technology and processing software. Latest 3D data processing


  • Salary will be agreed in more detail according to the competency of the candidate at an interview in person at the company’s office
  • The company always receives applications even when the job postings have expired
  • Priority to candidates who have experience using 3D engineering drawing programs in the field of architecture, construction and electromechanical.

Interested candidates please send your CV and contact the Board of Directors directly at email: or contact the hotline (+84) 979 883 681