StarGlobal 3D is an expert in Vietnam for supplying 3D Model by 3D laser scanning technology. Our extensive experience in 3D laser scanning and data processing is an advantage that makes StarGlobal 3D a valuable partner for any project involving the use of 3D laser scanning technology.

Our customers use laser scanning to gather very detailed information. But they often do not have time to handle the vast amount of data collected by 3D scanning. We focus on providing our customers with important information, smart CAD plans and BIM models.

Once the scanned data has been collected, StarGlobal 3D will model from Point Cloud Processing, which can take the next steps to turn this built-in data into a 3D model. Use point clouds to create 3D solids. The service can then export these modeled components to your chosen 3D modeling environment. 2D AutoCAD or 3D ArchiCAD design package to complete detailed operations.

Register point cloud. Use some techniques to register a Point Cloud dataset from various scanning technologies or photography software 2D and 3D models. Reverse Engineering / Reserve Engineering (Reserve Engineering) are structures or buildings built for further analysis and design that are growing in terms of utility and popularity. We provide means to create 2D documents and 3D models from Point Cloud surveys. That can be used in CAD Applications, like ArchiCAD or Revit.



StarGlobal 3D can apply 3D scanning technology to design and control mold quality, the advantage of this service is to analyze data and accurate results only by collecting and processing data.



In addition to the construction of the project, we have professional training courses on 3D processing processing software to ensure good and effective theoretical and practical knowledge.



By using point-to-point cloud data processing software, STAR GLOBAL can process data from point-to-frame clouds of 3D models thereby enabling machining into perfect 3D models.



After processing point cloud data, followed by the process of modeling data into a perfect 3D model, from there can perform many convenient operations on this model, can be reverse engineered with many scales, size as you like.